Just because you’re right never expect people to be right with you. You can write with all your might reasons why you’re on the side of right and they should join too but it’ll only leave you short sight on their might to do what the right do…

Right there in your nightmares you find they’re not true. What can you do? There’s no controlling fools. Hypocrites playing you as an idiot. Nothing more than a militant Indian. You deserve the shit you’re living in. Tired of doing things right. Tired of the panic at night. How is doing right an option in life? How can you call social justice being a waste of time?

People are either doers or viewers watching the issues. Trying to stay neutral from their armchair yet they cheer when something they decide to care for is brought to the front line once more. It’s a good cause sign a petition online and whine instead of joining others on that front line. I’ll take credit for passing the petition on. I’ll take the flattery even if deep down I’m wrong. There’s nothing worst than knowing shit’s wrong but you stay sitting until the problem is gone. All you can say is you passed the petition on… what more could you’ve done?


Sister Renegades

Sister Renegades
Life has its ups and downs 

and I know right now

you see mostly down 

but you’ll someday look around 

with a smile that you made it through 

I see so much potential in you and I wonder how can’t you? 

But I know it’s so much easier to see the bad view than look at the world that has its arms around you. 

You don’t need love to make you special – look deep in yourself and realize your real potential 

Right now I see you reaching out for help and the only thing I can say is love yourself 

It’s not as simple as it sounds 

You gotta do the work and not be afraid to reach out. 
Everything happens for a reason 

and you can instantly be deterred from your path  

but the thought of your hurt past can be overwhelming enough to set yourself back 

but you can get back on that path. 

I’ll always do all I can to help you stand 

and continue to walk your path even if I have to drag you by the hand. 

I know I’m not the only one with unconditional love for you

Who’s willing to guide you through

whatever you need to. 

Many can help but no one can stand in your way unless you choose to let them do so

but eventually the pain we gotta let go 

Move forward and continue 
The blood of fighters and survivors run through your veins 

We can’t let their love for their descendants go in vain 

You’re the Seventh Generation that they prayed would survive to this day.

To think of the strength they held onto for you, their love you can never 


The admiration of your own descendants seven generations from now is what we fight for 

It’s what you fight for! 
You got to fight for yourself

Quit fighting yourself. 

You’re the only one seeing everything as hopeless 

But keep your head up, mind focus and eyes wide open. 

The universe will fall into place

Until then we face what the Creator puts in our way but this I pray you smile and laugh everyday. 

It’s how we endure and last. 

This here, sister, too shall past. 

MIWSAC: Unique Ikwe

Unique Ikwe

Never shy away

From the audacity we must say

and not stray from the truth

If we are to teach our youth

That we cannot just turn away

Just Because standing up isn’t cool or the facts too cruel. Unite in the struggle is all we need to do. 

This is our community in need of help. 

MIWSAC leads the way for us to protect ourselves, take care of ourselves, educate ourselves, value ourselves & everybody else. 

Nicole, Cristine, & Guadalupe are each a breath of fresh air. 

Sincere in the words they share

With such passion in their actions

It seems a part of nature the courage they bear. 
Strong women laughing & joking. 

To be among them so exciting & mentally invoking. 

Powerful inspiration 

Advocacy for all Indian nations!

Wisdom in the system

Helping victims

So MIWSAC – who is them?

All of the above

and much more I couldn’t think of. 

One love unnis! 안니들

Japan Lies

Written age 22 after Japan again denied the “Comfort Women” and basically called them whores. If I hadn’t shared before my grandmother (할머니) was a “Comfort Woman” so every time Japan degrades and denies these women something in me snaps. I wrote this piece out of PURE ANGER. I don’t stand by anything I said in this – denying history, slurs, nuetc… I only wrote it outta anger and to try to put things in perspective. When I was in Korea I volunteered with the surviving “Comfort Women” skipping classes to be with them and go to their weekly demonstrations. I’m passionate about the issue for clear reasons. I did grow up with a father who didn’t hide his hatred for all Japanese people. I learned not to eventually. It’s the gov’t and alt-right revisionist that I take issue with. I’m sharing this to show the pain and anger is descendants feel when we are denied and insulted. 
Fuck Nagasaki and Hiroshima – 

it never happened. 

Until Japan admits its responsibilities for Korea

it’s all imagined. 

As far as I’m concerned 

2 bombs dropped from the sky

so the got-damn Japs could learn. 

It was punishment by the Divine! 

Fuck your emperors, geishas, and samurai!

Fuck you haikus, technology, and Yasukuni WAR SHRINE!
You took my Grandmother by force!

You took her childhood by force!

You took her virginity by FORCE!

You fucked up her life by force!

Then as the war crimes came to an end

you tried to cover your ends

by destroying the evidence – the women!

My Grandmother had to escape to a secure residence 

and luckily Heaven Sent

Safety to some women the IMPERIAL ARMY FORCED into sex slavery!


These denials of history and slurs in my poem 


Fuck Japan – worthless assholes!

Again I apologize about the hatred in this peace but I really wanted to show the pain historical trauma can cause. 

Humanity With Destiny

Dedicated to the “Comfort Women”

“We standing with humanity at Destiny’s door”*

demanding this never again happen in war

that the Justice we are fighting for

is no longer ignored. 

To stop the slander of our Grandmothers

who lost the blossom of their youth 

and have their whole lives suffered

and are now omitted along with truth. 

We stand tall and solid like rocks

demanding that all the lies are stopped. 

It’s time to own up and confess

responsibility as a modern nation. 

My Grandmothers were stripped naked 

and for over 60 years been waitin’

for reciprocity for all that was taken! 

No human being should be expected to survive such atrocities

but they have and now all we ask is for amends and apologies. 




할머니들 I’ll love and fight for you until my death. 
*From Brother Ali’s song “Shadows on the Sun.”

Her Eyes Watch

Prostitution & rapes are daily life.

Nobody takes a former comfort woman for a wife

Or a woman knocked down by a G.I.’s strike.

It’s amazing what we price and sacrifice.

Like a village full of women & children

Demonized & made into villains

All for the justification of killin’.

It’s the same ole pattern

In Africa & America it also happened.

Imperialism & bein’ colonized

Creation of common lies that declared common lives

To be savaged heathen that deserve to die.

So we hide, running across the DMZ line.

Only to find communism is as bad as bein’ Americanized.

Entering a genocide on both sides.

Of the DMZ even though Russia and America said we’re free

Free from Japanese slavery and oppression

But that’s somethin’ I question.

My people and land are divided and robbed blinded

As the American tanks stand behind it.

Buildin’ nukes or held up in sweatshops

Here I stand as the only thing my Grandmother ever got.

After livin’ thru the Korean tragedy

In her robe, apart of a multiracial family

Continuing her legacy

As what America can’t stand to see.

©Krystal Mattison 2005

This one is also old old old. You can tell by the “buildin’ livin’ etc…” It was actually written in less that five minutes when I was performing another poem and had to write another one to fill time. I couldn’t believe they liked it since I didn’t get a chance to edit it and such. When I told my mentor I was going to he told me stop. There’s a lot of things I understand about Korea now that I want to convey in this so badly, but I made a promise not to revise it.