All these politics
I try my best not to follow it
but the addict behavior falls back on it.
My apologies for the rant that is
about to foam from my lips
but I’m tired of political bullshit.
Media more outrage a peon politician tweeted his dick
than the shutdown that’s gonna get
even more unemployed
so excuse me if I come off annoyed
but the passive democrats no longer voice my voice
and I’m hearing more Tea-Bagging noise
than I can hear my own thoughts
That I almost forgot
I too can get dressed, put on my shoes & socks
Get others pumped up enough
to get Bachmann out shouted or shut up’d.
But everyone seems lethargic
Maybe it’s from the chemical poisons
or laziness manifested & harden
that we accept unemployment.
So why the fvck am i paying taxes for
this type of environment crime thrives in
The unemployed with no benefits to get back on our feet are gonna riot when
we can’t provide our kids
the basic necessities of life
We gonna eat each other alive
to try to get
on top of the food chain
because we let government get ran by banks.
The pharmaceuticals are making billions off your pain.
They rather you die from cancer
than find a cure
So there goes your prayers unanswered
But put it on the Creator that the doctors can’t do anymore.
Your uterus is an inconvenience
to your boss.
Faster than a stolen phoenix
that child you always wanted costed you your job.
And you can’t even plan parenthood
because that fundamental Christian bitch across the street
thinks that she should.
No matter how many weeks that parasite you’re made to keep.
You want condoms or birth control to prevent having to choose an abortion?
That’s also in her decision
but once that fetus is here she don’t care he’s an orphan
The fact is making you keep that fetus made her feel a better Christian.
But the other fact is
she isn’t.
Because that orphan she doesn’t want to feed.
Why? Because she hates paying taxes.
If only Jesus was still here in the physical
these people wouldn’t listen to Him because His talk of welfare isn’t Biblical enough for these individuals.
Money is the real religion
Christianity, Islam, Judaism isn’t.
Which brings it back to that money in your bank
isn’t your money like you think.
You’re part of the economical food chain
and your reality doesn’t sync
with the fantasies you believe and been ingrained to believe.
Democrat, Republican, Independent
all are titles that wreak
this world is under authoritarian.
Call it the New World Order
or the illuminati
They’re poisoning your waters
and destroying your body.
Ask them if they care…
They’ll just distract you with celebrities or that religion bullshit
Just clear the air
because they won’t do it.
All these politics
it’s enraging to follow shit.
And all you can do is be like ostriches
bury your head in the sand
because where do you begin to stand
and put reality back in your hands?




Just because you’re right never expect people to be right with you. You can write with all your might reasons why you’re on the side of right and they should join too but it’ll only leave you short sight on their might to do what the right do…

Right there in your nightmares you find they’re not true. What can you do? There’s no controlling fools. Hypocrites playing you as an idiot. Nothing more than a militant Indian. You deserve the shit you’re living in. Tired of doing things right. Tired of the panic at night. How is doing right an option in life? How can you call social justice being a waste of time?

People are either doers or viewers watching the issues. Trying to stay neutral from their armchair yet they cheer when something they decide to care for is brought to the front line once more. It’s a good cause sign a petition online and whine instead of joining others on that front line. I’ll take credit for passing the petition on. I’ll take the flattery even if deep down I’m wrong. There’s nothing worst than knowing shit’s wrong but you stay sitting until the problem is gone. All you can say is you passed the petition on… what more could you’ve done?

Problems of a Militant 

Militant minded

Blinded by blood diamonds 

Hollering at the silent 

I can’t stand being quiet

and seeing the world 

just twirl

in blood knowing we’re all behind it. 

Kids fleeing to be reunited

with their mothers trafficked by the Chinese 

So for them to flee to be free

finding the mothers for so long they hadn’t seen 

was futile

and bounty hunters pray on a starving child. 

And this hasn’t just been a short while 

But long and worsening. 

How can money be the first thing 

on the mind instead of human lives? 

It makes me sick inside. 

Countries war torn 

Held captured either by capitalist or ISIS 

Fuck who started it but who profits from behind it!

They got you terrified 

that every Muslim or Arab you walk by 

is a terrorist with some plot in mind

to take your life. 

The reality is it’s so flipped. 

They’re targeted by the paranoid and bigots. 

Refugees burning off their finger tips 

on electrical barbed wires

trying to escape the bombings and fire. 

Only to be in a refugee camp set on fire 

by those who make it difficult

to see they are not the individuals

behind the terror 

They’re the ones surviving the terror. 

Rather it be Syria or France. 

 It’s like no matter the matter they have no chance 

to feel relief and freedom at last. 

Children drowning on the shores of Greece. 

You read and hear these stories then go to bed in peace. 

How does it come down to this? 

The tragic this truly is

I know, like you, how it did come to this. 

The Oklahoma Bombing first described 

the spotting of two Arab guys 

seen nearby. 

How wrong the news outlets were! 

I mean, did it truly ever occur

that the Arab men they identified first 

were on their way to a coffee shop? 

Finding out it was a white man, oh what a shock! 

People of Color fear the police because most likely to be shot. 

People with mental illness fear the police because they’re just as likely to be shot. 

But please, ignore me for being so militant minded. 

For not being quite so blinded

to the fucked up world we people reside in

and practice their right to not give a fuck and to remain silent. 

Don’t Lose It

Right now shit seems impractical and miserable. 

I snapped but at least I didn’t throw a punch or go hysterical. 

Smile remembering my gifts of being lyrical, hysterical, making others laugh when it feels so terrible. 
Fighting an incompetent tyrant

Maybe I do it because my heart beat is defiance.  

I can’t bring myself to ignore or excuse a tyrant. 

Every ounce of my blood says to fight it. 

I gotta ask myself the pros & cons of being quiet. 
It’s a tough imbalance 

and I’m made to feel like an idiot

but I can’t now walk away from a challenge; it’ll all just bring me back to where we begin. 
Told to be illusive – I tried but revolution is my music. 

I spoke up – I couldn’t remain seated. 

I’m pissed the fuck off from the lies 

but I refuse to be defeated. 

Maybe my dissent is my weakness. 

It’s been nothing but rocky

and I know they sit around and mock me

but if they were in my shoes they wish they could only copy

Defiant and oppositional 

I swear to Whatever I did everything to not get physical 

I manage and I tried to not let it hit my soul

They can’t take away the spiritual 

sovereign person I am. 
Try not to lose it

Don’t lose it

Every tyrant is abusive 

I’m not new to this

That’s the worst part of it all

I’m back with my back against the wall

You can take my job but you’ll never make me fall

You can’t take my integrity 

and it all comes back over fours in energy 

I can guarantee no matter what you will remember me. 

I’ll live in your memory 

exactly as I wish – 

Not your enemy 

but I rebel that left you unsettled

Why? Because I don’t lose it. 

I won’t lose it. 

Continue your excuses & abuses

for you I won’t lose it

Gone City: My Animosity 

I got a mind filled with deep philosophies 

but I’m lost you see

in the roots of animosity. 

My heart’s lost in me

and my soul’s in a Gone City.

All anyone ever sees constantly 

is this hostile energy 

that I can ever be 

Sure, is never me. 

I’ve been lost for so long 

I’m not sure that is anymore. 

I feel my very essence is gone 

and my soul’s impure. 

People used to say I was strong 

and could endure. 

I used to understand what wrongs were for. 

Set them in front of me and see what I would do

but nobody ever seen what I’d pull thru. 

They said I played my Drum to a different tempo 

when actually none were close to my level. 

Everything I just let go. 

Never really bothered me. 

I’d just fade away and listen to Prodigy. 

Close my eyes and find new geography

but people treated me awfully. 

Got so fatigue from the hatred. 

I set up my own offense and defense 

but I couldn’t take it. 

My mind, people played with

which is the biggest no-no

So I let myself go solo. 

Introduced the world to the current

Being who I know is so low

but that’s how my life I suppose goes. 

Never Quiet


Voted most likely to start a riot…

stand here clowning around being a riot

Who’d known the jokes would enrage the tyrant

My jokes don’t stop, I’m never quiet 

l’ve never been successfully silenced 

as much as you may try it – 

you can never make me be quiet. 

So tired of the battle

But I’m a rebel out to make people unsettled 

and slightly baffled 

Looking at my actions: 

Fist clutch & pumped

Let’s take action 

The masses have had enough 

No more being quiet

Never again be made silent 

Do you feel it? The energy has gotten excited, 

we got to fight this

The energy is excitement 

Pump your fist we’re gonna fight it!
It’s the day to day routine 

Mugs mean 

Oppressed me 

It’s an illusion – a realm of a dream

I’m only human but I’m not stupid 

You can label me a nuisance 

I label you abusive 

A timid tyrant 

Negative but your disregard for people’s lives makes you violent 

You may not fight yet 

But your energy is enough to try it

But my integrity can’t be silenced

My heart is this community and I will not be quiet. 

You can never make me quiet 

So get used to my voice 

Being annoyed 

Being paranoid 

Your reaction your choice. 

Me? My vocal chords work

I’m gonna put them to work 

For whatever justice is worth 

I will never be unnerved 

May be nervous 

But shit, every action has a purpose

I know my rights & service 

Every action has a purpose 

So I can’t be quiet 

I can’t be silenced 

Don’t forget I was voted most likely to start a riot. 

Coming From II


My father’s land divided

A grandmother used in sexual slavery 

Beginning alocohlism & family violence

But a woman of great sacrifice & bravery

Who was made to be the sole provider

by the use of her body ordered by her family sent to Seoul 

with a broken soul 

to make money & send it back home. 

A father adopted at 12 

put through Hell 

until he could speak English good… Or well. 

The rest of his life misunderstood so throwing himself into work. 

Work 4 jobs drink away a lifetime of hurt 

so he doesn’t have to think of the pain caused by both his families. 

A Korean American tragedy. 

I come from a mother with no clue on her identity 

her dad becoming an enemy 

therefore is no friend to me though I long for some sort of grandfather-granddaughter memories. 

More stories of Napi & the Blackfeet 

but Native Grandpa don’t like Koreans even halfbreeds. 

I come from a mom tenacious at times audacious never took a vacation. 

I come from a childhood at the farmers markets. 

Only able to afford clarence K-mart never any jeans from Target. 

Eating ramen noodles on a daily

different flavors maybe. 

Embarrassed by how this look made me. 

Friends with nice clothes 


Grandma’s wisdom inevitable 

“Child at least you got clothes. Food too is all you need to know”

I was Grandma’s girl. 

She was my world 

So what Grandma says GOES

but still the shame my shoes aren’t the same 

I don’t have an authentic jersey with anyone’s name. 

I think back – was I really that vain?

I guess in a way you can see it. 

As much as my dad didn’t seem it

He had to have the nice stereos and CDs. 

Impulsive purchases of TVs. 

Made fights between my mom and him easy. 

I stand back looking at the people I hail from. 

Sometimes wanting to say “ah hell no”

but despite the chronic fights 

we did have some fun

and everything was years ago. 

We’re doing all right

Despite all the generations and trauma we’ve come from.