All these politics
I try my best not to follow it
but the addict behavior falls back on it.
My apologies for the rant that is
about to foam from my lips
but I’m tired of political bullshit.
Media more outrage a peon politician tweeted his dick
than the shutdown that’s gonna get
even more unemployed
so excuse me if I come off annoyed
but the passive democrats no longer voice my voice
and I’m hearing more Tea-Bagging noise
than I can hear my own thoughts
That I almost forgot
I too can get dressed, put on my shoes & socks
Get others pumped up enough
to get Bachmann out shouted or shut up’d.
But everyone seems lethargic
Maybe it’s from the chemical poisons
or laziness manifested & harden
that we accept unemployment.
So why the fvck am i paying taxes for
this type of environment crime thrives in
The unemployed with no benefits to get back on our feet are gonna riot when
we can’t provide our kids
the basic necessities of life
We gonna eat each other alive
to try to get
on top of the food chain
because we let government get ran by banks.
The pharmaceuticals are making billions off your pain.
They rather you die from cancer
than find a cure
So there goes your prayers unanswered
But put it on the Creator that the doctors can’t do anymore.
Your uterus is an inconvenience
to your boss.
Faster than a stolen phoenix
that child you always wanted costed you your job.
And you can’t even plan parenthood
because that fundamental Christian bitch across the street
thinks that she should.
No matter how many weeks that parasite you’re made to keep.
You want condoms or birth control to prevent having to choose an abortion?
That’s also in her decision
but once that fetus is here she don’t care he’s an orphan
The fact is making you keep that fetus made her feel a better Christian.
But the other fact is
she isn’t.
Because that orphan she doesn’t want to feed.
Why? Because she hates paying taxes.
If only Jesus was still here in the physical
these people wouldn’t listen to Him because His talk of welfare isn’t Biblical enough for these individuals.
Money is the real religion
Christianity, Islam, Judaism isn’t.
Which brings it back to that money in your bank
isn’t your money like you think.
You’re part of the economical food chain
and your reality doesn’t sync
with the fantasies you believe and been ingrained to believe.
Democrat, Republican, Independent
all are titles that wreak
this world is under authoritarian.
Call it the New World Order
or the illuminati
They’re poisoning your waters
and destroying your body.
Ask them if they care…
They’ll just distract you with celebrities or that religion bullshit
Just clear the air
because they won’t do it.
All these politics
it’s enraging to follow shit.
And all you can do is be like ostriches
bury your head in the sand
because where do you begin to stand
and put reality back in your hands?


Hooves And Feet

Dedicated to my Unni G. Last night I was suicidal and she wouldn’t stop texting and calling me until I answered and could prove I hadn’t followed through with my plans. She’s an advocate, a hero, and so much more. I love her so much. She’s saved me from myself a few times but last night was intense. We talked about the earth and universe. Being connected to it. She then challenged me to think of the weakest animal. I said “me” and she told me to open my mind a bit and really think about what she’s asking me. So I sarcastically said “the ants that are sucking up poison in my traps and bringing it back to their queen.” She laughed and told me to next think of the strongest animal I could think of. I’ve always loved buffaloes. They represent so much. I have one tatted on my forearm. So she told me to think about buffaloes for the night and she wanted me to write a poem about them and post it to her FB wall. So I did. Here it is.

Hooves on the ground
Calvary all around
Not a warrior to be found
Just as policy planned out.
No more sacrifice for the hungry and cold
Piles of skulls photographed as proof to be shown
the Indians and buffaloes
will die together from genocide on land not sold
but stolen by treaties broken leading D.C. to now control
the land privatized and now own.
Hand and hoof travel forever over land covered in blood and gold.
However the strength of both
came back around to show
their survivors and descendants will always find a way back
No matter the railroad tracks
that plague the way they can’t cover the sacred.
The hooves cannot be exterminated
by any single nation.
To this day the buffalo is proof that we too can make it.

Afterward: GG – I love you for the countless times you’ve been there for me and making me answer my phone last night. You always make sure I’m okay even if it’s been months since we spoke you shoot me random texts checking on me and post jokes on FB for me to see to laugh at. A few years ago I realized you actually have the same initials as my brother, Gabe Gonzales. I think he made sure you got into my life. Before he was the only one who could ever talk me off the ledge and would drop whatever he was doing to make sure I’m okay. Neither of you can ever be replaced. I’m just very lucky when it comes to double Gs in my life. 

Problems of a Militant 

Militant minded

Blinded by blood diamonds 

Hollering at the silent 

I can’t stand being quiet

and seeing the world 

just twirl

in blood knowing we’re all behind it. 

Kids fleeing to be reunited

with their mothers trafficked by the Chinese 

So for them to flee to be free

finding the mothers for so long they hadn’t seen 

was futile

and bounty hunters pray on a starving child. 

And this hasn’t just been a short while 

But long and worsening. 

How can money be the first thing 

on the mind instead of human lives? 

It makes me sick inside. 

Countries war torn 

Held captured either by capitalist or ISIS 

Fuck who started it but who profits from behind it!

They got you terrified 

that every Muslim or Arab you walk by 

is a terrorist with some plot in mind

to take your life. 

The reality is it’s so flipped. 

They’re targeted by the paranoid and bigots. 

Refugees burning off their finger tips 

on electrical barbed wires

trying to escape the bombings and fire. 

Only to be in a refugee camp set on fire 

by those who make it difficult

to see they are not the individuals

behind the terror 

They’re the ones surviving the terror. 

Rather it be Syria or France. 

 It’s like no matter the matter they have no chance 

to feel relief and freedom at last. 

Children drowning on the shores of Greece. 

You read and hear these stories then go to bed in peace. 

How does it come down to this? 

The tragic this truly is

I know, like you, how it did come to this. 

The Oklahoma Bombing first described 

the spotting of two Arab guys 

seen nearby. 

How wrong the news outlets were! 

I mean, did it truly ever occur

that the Arab men they identified first 

were on their way to a coffee shop? 

Finding out it was a white man, oh what a shock! 

People of Color fear the police because most likely to be shot. 

People with mental illness fear the police because they’re just as likely to be shot. 

But please, ignore me for being so militant minded. 

For not being quite so blinded

to the fucked up world we people reside in

and practice their right to not give a fuck and to remain silent. 

김정이필 (Kim Jong-evil)

Age 21

Her stomach grumbles. 

Doubled over in hunger pangs

Head duct between her legs. 

Thank God she’s accustomed to the pain. 

He got in trouble. 

They tied him up against a pole. 

Tears rolled down his young face. 

Within minutes he is dead and his body cold. 

His belly is fat

He’s spineless and not human. 

Satan incarnated. 

He keeps half a peninsula deep in ruins. 


The clock is ticking for unification 

Millions have died from genocide


Liberate our people 

The alarm has rung and it’s now time 

to show our Korean Pride

Come to reconcile 

and now unify!  

Image of God

Age 21
You took away my religion

At gun point made me a Christian

then told me God was of your image 

and I must get on my knees and start worshippin’. 

To this day my religion is banned

– Freedom of Religion – 

Your forefathers swore that when they took my land. 

Maybe it’s something I don’t understand 

– or you don’t – 

to which I hope

because my religion is more than smudging and smoke 

but it’s outlawed like all we do is dope. 

I can’t sell the land I walk on

but I can if I’m drunk

even though I know it’s wrong…

and all I am anymore is drunk. 

I’m in need of a prayer circle to hold me up. 

Instead you give me a cup 

of your God’s blood, (and I’m the blood thirsty savage?)

I call all my relations

You respond with hatred

Swearing me off as a pagan 

You’re the image of God, I’m the image of Satan. 

You banned my religion 

At gun point made me a Christian 

then convinced me 

you’re the image of God 

I’m the reflection of Satan. 

Drinking Blood

Age 20

What does liberty mean 

when you’re a refugee

getting by with nothing to eat?

Trying to keep a dream

when all you hear are screams

coming from the streets –

What is it to be free

when you’re a Blackfeet

getting by without Buffalo to eat?

Told to redefine your dream

when all you hear are screams

coming from the creek –

What is there to believe

when you’re a youth in the streets

using food stamps to eat?

“So taught” the American Dream

while you live in poverty

housed on public property –

What is there to teach

when kids can’t be reached

and you can’t afford to eat?

Living hand to mouth every week

losing faith in your dream

while gunshots ring and you hear screams –

What is there to preach 
when people only come to weep

and stay to eat?

You hear the Devil scream

when you try to sleep

then tell yourself it’s a bad dream –

How can your heart beat

when you drink the blood you bleed

because there’s not enough to eat

and you wake up just to see

the same old streets

and your people’s blood flows in peace

downstream in the Forgotten Creek

and it’s lies you teach

and it’s to the hopeless you try to preach?

Could this be what liberty means

and how to be free

or could it be a bad dream

because you drink the blood you bleed?

Japan Lies

Written age 22 after Japan again denied the “Comfort Women” and basically called them whores. If I hadn’t shared before my grandmother (할머니) was a “Comfort Woman” so every time Japan degrades and denies these women something in me snaps. I wrote this piece out of PURE ANGER. I don’t stand by anything I said in this – denying history, slurs, nuetc… I only wrote it outta anger and to try to put things in perspective. When I was in Korea I volunteered with the surviving “Comfort Women” skipping classes to be with them and go to their weekly demonstrations. I’m passionate about the issue for clear reasons. I did grow up with a father who didn’t hide his hatred for all Japanese people. I learned not to eventually. It’s the gov’t and alt-right revisionist that I take issue with. I’m sharing this to show the pain and anger is descendants feel when we are denied and insulted. 
Fuck Nagasaki and Hiroshima – 

it never happened. 

Until Japan admits its responsibilities for Korea

it’s all imagined. 

As far as I’m concerned 

2 bombs dropped from the sky

so the got-damn Japs could learn. 

It was punishment by the Divine! 

Fuck your emperors, geishas, and samurai!

Fuck you haikus, technology, and Yasukuni WAR SHRINE!
You took my Grandmother by force!

You took her childhood by force!

You took her virginity by FORCE!

You fucked up her life by force!

Then as the war crimes came to an end

you tried to cover your ends

by destroying the evidence – the women!

My Grandmother had to escape to a secure residence 

and luckily Heaven Sent

Safety to some women the IMPERIAL ARMY FORCED into sex slavery!


These denials of history and slurs in my poem 


Fuck Japan – worthless assholes!

Again I apologize about the hatred in this peace but I really wanted to show the pain historical trauma can cause.