Smooth Criminals

How is it you always get me? 
No matter how much I fight with you

you always get me. 

Our saga continues. 

Somehow the drama is me not you. 

If you lie to her

I know you lie to me. 

We have no future 

and that’s fine with me. 

But how do I let that be? 

When I’ve always wanted real love

but somehow accept you can’t give her up…

But you talk so smooth

telling me I’m such a beautiful individual. 

I know I’m being used 

and in a way you’re a smooth criminal

while I’m a fooled criminal. 

We’re committing crime

doing nothing but lie 

and hide until the moment is right

then we strike once again…

When will this end?

I’ve become that criminal wanting to turn myself in. 

You’re so smooth at what you do that you’re able to convince me not to do it. 

So here we go 

the fool and smooth criminal. 


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