Park In (Epilespy)


My hands jerk…

My legs jerk… 

My tongue jerks… 

This shit makes me want to join in and be a jerk

Which one of the poisons went to work

Bravo life you were out to make me miserable 

but you know my fucking principle – 

laugh or cry bitch, I’m only in the physical 

You’ll never best me in the spiritual 

Every headache you create I’ll deep down shake. Tears I might make 

will be replaced because I’ll meet that who Creates

Save me from all this pain 

Frontal lob issues. I’m borderline insane. Happiness I could never miss you 

You were too out of my life than in

but fuck it worst can happen in the end 

Pity party for none 

I just look up at the moon and sun 

thinking my life can’t quite be done 

if it only now has begun

This pesky interference is inexperienced 

I try so hard not to take life so serious 

but there are moments when the tears come because I’m hilarious 

laughing off the pain and shame 

It just can’t be that serious 

Yes tears run from eyes 

but in the event of my demise 

Know my spirit lives on in the happiness of every single tear I’ve cried 

and there’s no goodbyes

Not when I die 

Only say goodbye when I’ve been defeated by diseases 

It’s from there I don’t know if life can ever be completed 

I’d live my life in my own eyes miserable and defeated. 

I can’t imagine… how would I even manage… I’ve been through feeling abandoned and vanished I don’t want to go back… Close my eyes I can imagine.  

But until the day my body turns against me 

I’ll scribble my name quickly 

Come back do a 360 

Pump my fist asking who’s going with me? 

Park in when I’m at the darkest all in I’m fallin’ down trodden and crawlin I always had to do shit the hardest so now park in with the she who brings you words as gifts. 
That’s it. 


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