Come Back the Sin

How do I let you come back over and over again? 
You always make my head spin

and I get excited although guilt within

reminds me what we’re doing is a sin. 

But I keep letting you in. 

Your smooth talk always wins

and we’re back at where it began. 

I do all I can 

to take a stand 

against the touch of your hands

but I melt in them. 

You’ve made me into a victim 

of seduction

and I know you love it

and in the moment I love it. 

Your kisses and touches 

but my guilt is wrecking of judgment. 

How did I get in this position I’m in? 

No, now it’s my turn to win. 

You’re not coming back. 

So let your head spin. 

Maybe a little payback 

I’m not letting you in 

I mean it when I say that. 

Sadly, I still want to see you so badly. 

Why did I ever let you have me? 

No, never mind feeling all of that…

I’m not letting you come back. 

Now, lose me as a contact. 

Delete me from your phone. 

I’d rather be alone 

than over you writing a fucking poem. 


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