Question In A Course In Miracles

Wrote this back in 2012 when 2 coworkers were trying to preach to me about ACIM. I had a lot of confusing questions I never got to ask because I was put down for being confused. I think I frustrated them with so many questions. 
Death did not happen 

My Spirit is not affected unless I let it. 

I dictate my own narration in thought. 

I’m a thought of the Creator. Expression. But what is the purpose of me then? 

What is the purpose of working for others if I am just a thought & perfect as am regardless? 

Can we not decide when the thought is over? 

If I am a thought who is real? My senses are limited so how do I know? 

If what keeps me from my brother and I is my limited senses what causes me to feel him near? If he is just energy and atoms then we’re not separated because my ego created him but we’re all one spirit. But if we’re all one spirit then others are spirits a part of my dream. So in that sense everyone is “real” but a part of this dream I am in. 

Nothing exists but the Now and what my limited sense perceive. The chair in front of me exists because my sight sees it but theres plenty of things between the chair and I that I do not see – but what kinds of things? Atoms, is that it? 

If I can wake up any moment why am I not? 

If the only thing in the Now exists how do you go home with kimch’i I’ve given you? Our Nows change then come together when we speak? 

If there is a crack that brings light what is the crack? Isn’t it people but people aren’t real so neither is the crack. The dark and light do not exist, so where am I? 
I’m part of a divine spirit and its thought then why is there a call to repent? Why is there millions of names for our divinity when it is a part of us? If we are one spirit shattered into pieces how do we come together and are so different? 
How did you derive to this belief? 


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