Lil’ Miss Sunshine

Sunshine and Rain

This was another one written towards the woman who put me down in the poetry class calling me “just a rapper.” Another classmate and I gave her this name after a very horrible cheesy non-sensical poem she wrote that may not have been about me but had made jabs at me. I didn’t read this one for the class but the classmate and I enjoyed it. 
Lil’ Miss Sunshine

What a pity of a life

that you feel you have a right 

to only express and write

poetic whines. 
Lil’ Miss Sunshine

You waste so much paper

but I’m “just a rapper,”

Yes but you’re just a hater. 

I can’t help but convey laughter

at your writings and you’re their creator – 

you live in sunshine, not rain 
Lil’ Miss Sunshine

have you ever really felt pain?

Not metaphorical but in the physical

because the two are not the same. 

You’re just a suburban typical 

’tis a shame

such an individual 

was given a brain

that writes her life is difficult. 

Lil’ Miss Sunshine

don’t play in the rain. 


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