Gone City: My Animosity 

I got a mind filled with deep philosophies 

but I’m lost you see

in the roots of animosity. 

My heart’s lost in me

and my soul’s in a Gone City.

All anyone ever sees constantly 

is this hostile energy 

that I can ever be 

Sure, is never me. 

I’ve been lost for so long 

I’m not sure that is anymore. 

I feel my very essence is gone 

and my soul’s impure. 

People used to say I was strong 

and could endure. 

I used to understand what wrongs were for. 

Set them in front of me and see what I would do

but nobody ever seen what I’d pull thru. 

They said I played my Drum to a different tempo 

when actually none were close to my level. 

Everything I just let go. 

Never really bothered me. 

I’d just fade away and listen to Prodigy. 

Close my eyes and find new geography

but people treated me awfully. 

Got so fatigue from the hatred. 

I set up my own offense and defense 

but I couldn’t take it. 

My mind, people played with

which is the biggest no-no

So I let myself go solo. 

Introduced the world to the current

Being who I know is so low

but that’s how my life I suppose goes. 


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