Never Quiet


Voted most likely to start a riot…

stand here clowning around being a riot

Who’d known the jokes would enrage the tyrant

My jokes don’t stop, I’m never quiet 

l’ve never been successfully silenced 

as much as you may try it – 

you can never make me be quiet. 

So tired of the battle

But I’m a rebel out to make people unsettled 

and slightly baffled 

Looking at my actions: 

Fist clutch & pumped

Let’s take action 

The masses have had enough 

No more being quiet

Never again be made silent 

Do you feel it? The energy has gotten excited, 

we got to fight this

The energy is excitement 

Pump your fist we’re gonna fight it!
It’s the day to day routine 

Mugs mean 

Oppressed me 

It’s an illusion – a realm of a dream

I’m only human but I’m not stupid 

You can label me a nuisance 

I label you abusive 

A timid tyrant 

Negative but your disregard for people’s lives makes you violent 

You may not fight yet 

But your energy is enough to try it

But my integrity can’t be silenced

My heart is this community and I will not be quiet. 

You can never make me quiet 

So get used to my voice 

Being annoyed 

Being paranoid 

Your reaction your choice. 

Me? My vocal chords work

I’m gonna put them to work 

For whatever justice is worth 

I will never be unnerved 

May be nervous 

But shit, every action has a purpose

I know my rights & service 

Every action has a purpose 

So I can’t be quiet 

I can’t be silenced 

Don’t forget I was voted most likely to start a riot. 


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