MIWSAC: Unique Ikwe

Unique Ikwe

Never shy away

From the audacity we must say

and not stray from the truth

If we are to teach our youth

That we cannot just turn away

Just Because standing up isn’t cool or the facts too cruel. Unite in the struggle is all we need to do. 

This is our community in need of help. 

MIWSAC leads the way for us to protect ourselves, take care of ourselves, educate ourselves, value ourselves & everybody else. 

Nicole, Cristine, & Guadalupe are each a breath of fresh air. 

Sincere in the words they share

With such passion in their actions

It seems a part of nature the courage they bear. 
Strong women laughing & joking. 

To be among them so exciting & mentally invoking. 

Powerful inspiration 

Advocacy for all Indian nations!

Wisdom in the system

Helping victims

So MIWSAC – who is them?

All of the above

and much more I couldn’t think of. 

One love unnis! 안니들


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