Damn, remember how your words used to hurt but only because you wanted to be heard and dish out what they deserve? Yea, they used to say I was a mischievous mastermind until I couldn’t leave the past behind and had to find a new place even if it’s last in line. 

They used to say I was strong until I just couldn’t move on because my Angel’s gone but what’s fucked up is when it went unsolved I was resolved that this is how it is but then they found the bitch and the shit no longer made sense. 

How does a mastermind explain that? Explain how hurt comes back when I thought I was finally putting the heartbreak in the past? They find the son of a bitch and I’m right back to tears and anger – wishing and praying with all my might death onto a stranger. So did I ever get back in line? Was I ever truly that much of a mastermind? They used to swear I was but I can’t begin to describe how a mastermind could have such a broken mind. Not just a broken heart or broken soul but a damn broken mind. I’m just not that mastermind. Yea, I guess to all of us it came as a surprise. 


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