Space and Mocha


11 hours of sitting up straight 

Woke up with my mind space

Said goodbye to G.G. & took the slap in the face & went on my way. 

Library to print off applications 

Work in this community or work past the Appalachians

My mind spaces as I make my way for envelopes paid for by a generous face

Swear I know his name but I just spaced but I can remember the place

Smiles & thanks, he knows my name but my memory went blank. 

My mind is space sipping on a mocha checking the news

Via twitter on my iPod 

Fax out an application & pray that my God let some of my karma be by gones

So I can just land on my feet & get another impala 

A nice apartment, money for my mama, & distance myself from the impoverish drama

Sip on my mocha 

Listen to unni give more orders while I really just wanna get away in my mind from Minnesota

Alleviate stress inhaling the warmth of the aroma from my mocha. 

There’s another job to apply to

more work to do 

I can do both but pause for the consist tragic news:

Bombing on my fatherland 

Miners trapped in New Zealand

Actor decapitated his mother

Fielding questions on behalf of Koreans 

The exhaustion begins & my only solace & comfort is my unni has more work that needs to be done

& we’re Indians so we can make tedious work into jokes & fun. 

Wit back & forth with grin on our faces 

Laughing but my mind is filled with thoughts of my Asians

Cambodia stampede 

I can’t stop thinking of my Korean family 

Worried for my halmonis 

When can the peninsula live in harmony? 

And how can I focus on a Powwow 

When just got repossessed was a part of me

As materialistic as that may be

But the day must continue

and I gotta space out these issues 

So I can meet more faces; more connections make it to more places by taking their direction 

Just another day but at night I’m wide awake my mind space but plagued. 

Just another day. 


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