90 Days Sobriety 


So finally made it to day 90

of sobriety 


looking deep inside of me

instead of the neck of an empty bottle

Looking for the first time clearly to those I can follow

letting open a heart that for so long felt hollow

waking up from the numbness of it all

catching myself as I fall

seeing & listening to those I can call

when I feel the crushing weight on my shoulders

but I’m now able to break these boulders 

as I’ve learned to stand bolder. 

I feel renew but wiser and older. 

I don’t need to choke a bottle anymore. 

I don’t wake up on the floor

wondering what happened the night before. 

I’m here, I stand sober. 

This won’t by my only 90 days or only a year. 

I’m stronger. I’m older. I’m finally sober 


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