First Notebook Complete

So if you haven’t noticed I’ve been posting A LOT of poems. I moved recently (okay maybe like 6 months ago and just now have decided to unpack some things). I found a few boxes of old notebooks and folders that have stories and mostly poetry in them. Some of them I find so funny because I forgot how hard I was trying at 12-13 to be a thug. Then I find things so painful that they trigger me to the point I have to call my therapist or a close friend. This notebook is the first of a collection of poems I put down. I have a second one completed that’ll be next. The third one I’m doing I’m finding rather painful and probably won’t post any of it. I’m writing them down though because they shaped a part of my life and I want them organized so that maybe one day my nieces and/or nephews will read through it and understand how I turned out like I did. My grandma and great-grandma kept journals and wrote their ideas down. I read through all of them so I guess this is me keeping that going. 


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