Age 22,

A spark hits the lines of the paper
then catches onto the pen.
You could save the pain for later
or grab the fire from within –
Let your mind go numb
but don’t let the fire and pain burn out
If your hand hurts – fine!
But don’t let the pen up!
These words you get to know about
They just come from the spark
Never able to truly speak it
but the pen and paper know your heart
So burns the fire from deep ends.

A spark ignites the pen.
Burning in you hand, you still write.
The pain strikes again
and there’s no time to follow your mind.
The heart needs to release all it can.
So if you burn your hand
learn to adapt.
Being logical never made a good rap
Being stiff never wrote a good poem.
It’ll only burn until it hurts bad enough to go cold.
They have new technology to replace a bone.
Just let the fire burn on the paper
because it never comes out right later.


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