Howe Indian!

Age 21 – based on some true events except for how I responded to the questions. It’s a way of me going back to when people asked me these questions and how I wish I would’ve responded. They were situations I dealt with throughout my life in different places and ages. Nothing in order of age and experience. Just memories that came back to me as my pen against the paper. 

“You’re an Indian?

We got a real Indian!

Meet my Indian!!

If I give you $2, Indian

will you give me your car Indian?”

HahaHA! I get it!

I’m an Indian – 

A savage, an idiot…

For $24 I’ll give you Manhattan!

I get it. Indian, idiot, savage. 

Easy to take advantage 

of someone who doesn’t take land for granted – 

I get it, I’m an Indian. 

“Class is anyone Indian?

It’s Thanksgiving, does anybody want to be an Indian?

Well, somebody has to be Indian!

You! I know you’re Indian!”

Yes, yes, I am Indian. 

Your wish is my command. 

But when I step onstage will you take my land?

I’m an Indian I have to ask. 

“Wow, a real Indian?

How much Indian?

What type of Indian?

I study Indians! 

Are you sure you’re Indian?”

Yup, I am Indian.  

Here’s my single tear 

a feather in my hair!

Look! I even have a beer!

Yup, pretty sure I’m Indian…

“We don’t like Indians. 

Only good Indian 

is a dead Indian…

You an Indian?”

Nope! I’m an Injun! Howe!

Blackfeet Siksika! Howe!

Red as blood! Howe!

Idiot Indian! Howe!

The token! Howe!


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