Belonging To Han

Age 21
I find myself an Injun with Han

A Korean burdened with Han

I never wondered where I belong

but rather what is wrong? 

They say you can’t express the sorrow of Han

but somehow find meaning and move on

There’s no words but the feeling is there

and I find it more Historians don’t care

or perhaps nobody can hear

the cries of my Grandmother’s

the cries of death from the creek. 

Ancestors still suffer 

in words they’re unable to speak. 
I find myself wrapped in the towel of Han. 

In its womb I belong

because I can’t figure out what’s wrong…

How does one move on

when so much still affects us?

They taught us in God we trust

but when acceptance isn’t enough

to get the people to look up

and put the liquor down 

or for now not be ashamed of the kimch’i in the ground.  

How do we somehow 

move on

from the intensity of Han?


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