Mom, I’m Sick

Age 16. True story of my rounds with a child therapist. Happened when I was 14 but wrote about it at 16 (because it’s just so funny to me. I love therapy now but back then I was very much against it). 

My whole life I’ve been sick

and he said I’m frustrated from being sick. 

It took a genius to tell me the daily medications were too strict? 

And the foundations of a pessimist 

and all things negative 

were because I’m sick? 

He said I’m sick. 

Just sick from all of it. 

But I’m convinced he makes me sick!

So I said “What good is a shrink when all I need is pen, paper, and ink to tell me the obvious of what I already think?”

He said I’m sick. 

I’m so sick – 

Sick of this cube

that’s supposed to be a room. 

Sick of being told I’m hostile and rude

and need a new POSITIVE attitude!

He can’t see the distinction between 

his college textbook and me. 

So I asked him “What good is your college degree and PhD when it’s clear I can’t be reached?”

So he said “I quit”


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