Japan Lies

Written age 22 after Japan again denied the “Comfort Women” and basically called them whores. If I hadn’t shared before my grandmother (할머니) was a “Comfort Woman” so every time Japan degrades and denies these women something in me snaps. I wrote this piece out of PURE ANGER. I don’t stand by anything I said in this – denying history, slurs, nuetc… I only wrote it outta anger and to try to put things in perspective. When I was in Korea I volunteered with the surviving “Comfort Women” skipping classes to be with them and go to their weekly demonstrations. I’m passionate about the issue for clear reasons. I did grow up with a father who didn’t hide his hatred for all Japanese people. I learned not to eventually. It’s the gov’t and alt-right revisionist that I take issue with. I’m sharing this to show the pain and anger is descendants feel when we are denied and insulted. 
Fuck Nagasaki and Hiroshima – 

it never happened. 

Until Japan admits its responsibilities for Korea

it’s all imagined. 

As far as I’m concerned 

2 bombs dropped from the sky

so the got-damn Japs could learn. 

It was punishment by the Divine! 

Fuck your emperors, geishas, and samurai!

Fuck you haikus, technology, and Yasukuni WAR SHRINE!
You took my Grandmother by force!

You took her childhood by force!

You took her virginity by FORCE!

You fucked up her life by force!

Then as the war crimes came to an end

you tried to cover your ends

by destroying the evidence – the women!

My Grandmother had to escape to a secure residence 

and luckily Heaven Sent

Safety to some women the IMPERIAL ARMY FORCED into sex slavery!


These denials of history and slurs in my poem 


Fuck Japan – worthless assholes!

Again I apologize about the hatred in this peace but I really wanted to show the pain historical trauma can cause. 


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