Young Walls II

For Matteo
In these young walls

Matteo patiently waits for his mom

The doctors tell her they’ve done all they can. 

His dad’s heart breaks and he shakes in disbelief. 

Matteo’s mom falls to her knees 

to the doctors and God she pleads

“He’s only 5! You can’t take him from me! He’s only 5! Take me, please, not my baby!”

His prognosis is 6 weeks

but it has been 6 months. 

Thanks to “Make A Wish” he got to do 

things he only dreamed would come true. 

It brings smiles to his swollen face. 

His hair began to fall out so his parents had it shaved. 
As great as his smiles was

to his family it would never be enough. 

One day their child will no longer be here

There’s not enough time to spare

Not enough pictures to take to one day remember, treasure, and share. 

Every night his mom and dad awake 

It’s become a nightly routine to see if Matteo is okay. 

Guessing as okay as a dying child could be. 

The psychotherapist works with him about the Afterlife.

It’s where he’ll play with God…

Jesus will have His arms wide open

and help open the Gates

and there will be a smile on Matteo’s unswollen face. 

He put up a brave amazing fight

and made his way to the arms of Christ. 


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