Silent Sports

Age 15
With an army like Griffey 

even in kickball nobody could get me. 

On the fields I was the one they envied. 

Catch a ball and throw it high in the air. 

At the speed of light it’d get there:

“You’re out”

“You’re up”

In basketball I ran my mouth 

See this was before Yao

so racism was much

but sooner or later players knew what I was about. 

Keisha’s wide open

and within the next moment 

the tie was broken. 

The team got the ball. 

Head shaking with frustration and all

“You’re outta here”

Once I saw Randy Moss run down the field

for the Vikings to prevail   

The glitter in my eyes was so real – 

a new sport revealed. 

Catches down the yard 

Bruises on my arm 

Hikes and despites, fights

with the Autumn night


I’m out


Have been fouled. 

Somehow my destiny’s allowed 

the pain to grow astound 

From there I kept falling down

before I knew of prayer 

I was already outta there. 

Life spun like a ball in the air. 

Everyone walked away

with not a moment to spare 

or a word to say.   

I fell to Earth

holding no worth. 

Unable to move

But sure to bs kicked 

In a darker view by some angry kid. 

Time hit and did what it did   

Through the tribulations of a pause

I walked behind the stage while all applaud

And just like that someone declared

“Kid you gotta get back up”


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