Ashley Mary and Alexis Ann

Written in 2003 when they were my only nieces (since then the family has grown to a total of nine plus children!)

The Greatest Gifts given to me by Jesus. 

The most beautiful and happiest of nieces. 

The amount of pride I see in you two…

and I put all my faith in it will continue   

The smiles on your faces…

the dimples and mischief erases 

all of my miss opportunities and cases. 

For you two there’s nothing I wouldn’t do

just to see you smile and giggle. 

You’ll be big someday but my memories will always be of you little. 

So forgive me on the years I meddle in your business. 

It’s only because I care. 

Put God as my witness 

you two will be the Greatest. 

Just stay kids

Don’t be so anxious. 

Play in dirt

Don’t get your heart hurt

And don’t worry if you’re loved or not…

You two are the only ones I got…

My two top notch and I know my pride and love for you two will never stop. 


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