Humanity With Destiny

Dedicated to the “Comfort Women”

“We standing with humanity at Destiny’s door”*

demanding this never again happen in war

that the Justice we are fighting for

is no longer ignored. 

To stop the slander of our Grandmothers

who lost the blossom of their youth 

and have their whole lives suffered

and are now omitted along with truth. 

We stand tall and solid like rocks

demanding that all the lies are stopped. 

It’s time to own up and confess

responsibility as a modern nation. 

My Grandmothers were stripped naked 

and for over 60 years been waitin’

for reciprocity for all that was taken! 

No human being should be expected to survive such atrocities

but they have and now all we ask is for amends and apologies. 




할머니들 I’ll love and fight for you until my death. 
*From Brother Ali’s song “Shadows on the Sun.”


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