You Were Mistaken

You opened a wound thinking you could mend it. 

Had I saw through your infatuation

and saw the eventual downfall of our friendship 

I would’ve intervened in the situation

and distanced you from thought. 

I believed your every word though. 

Unable to see that it needed to stop

until you poured salt on a wound and left me alone

to deal with the pain I tucked away so long ago. 

It’s not you, it’s all because of me. 

You used mental abuse to make me believe

there’s something wrong with me completely 

Convincing me I’m a let down

which getting over isn’t easy

when a friend can no longer be found

I tortured my soul trying to put the pieces together 

but when all alone it’s a hellish endeavor. 

Is my mind right? Why would they do that? 

Was everything a lie? Yea, it was now that I look back. 

But now having figured you out

and seeing every word and deed was fake

I have little doubt

befriending you was one of my biggest mistakes. 


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