Kiona and Missy

I’d like to formally introduce onto you Kiona and Missy. See, these bitches are always out to get me. 

So to keep them out of my mind I take these pills 

and try to keep busy 

otherwise I can make mountains out of hills. 

That’s when Kiona is around. 

I try to keep distracted

so I can’t hear her sounds 

but she can keep me so abstracted 

that I can’t drown her out

to where I’m asking how’d it get from bad to badder to baddest 

to what the fuck happened

this time around. 

How’d this bitch find me

and why do I follow her so blindly

that I’m tipsy but continue to follow her silently

that I retreat from society. 

She convinces me that suicide

is the only way out of this broken mind

and sometimes I say “Fine, I’ll listen to you this time.”

Now I’m in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. 

Another depressant episode 

so I gotta go 

to get away from Kiona and back to Krystal. 

As much as I fight her off I’m still mentally sick though. 

That’s when this bitch Missy comes around 

and I ask how

did this bitch find me now

but the differences 

and the coincidence

is I like when I’m sick with this. 

Out of these two bitches 

I like to kick it with 


With her I think faster and faster. 

I’m all over the place busy but slightly dizzy. 

She can convince me that’s there’s nothing I can’t master 

I’m on the ceiling

I’m climbing buildings 

She gives me this feeling

that nothing can kill me. 

But part of her function 

is being impulsive and making bad judgments 

She puts me in these vulnerable conjunctions. 

She’s allowed things to happen that I cannot say

but they haunt me everyday. 

So as great as this bitch is

I gotta get away

She’s still a sickness

that I gotta escape. 

But I had to introduce onto you these moody bitches. 

I’m very sane about how crazy I sound

but if you can try to get this

it might help me out. 


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