Battles With Kiona

Yea, I’m mentally ill and that bitch Kiona knows how to make me build 

mountains that started out as hills

and to convince me she’s all I’ll ever feel. 

She positions me to see the only way out of this 

is the ultimate way to quit. 

I used to drink to make her silent 

but truth be told she could never keep quiet. 

She builds this wall

and shows me a bottle of alcohol

When I tell her it’s not gonna happen

She proposing a new action

sometimes she’s blunt, sometimes abstracted. 

My mind torn into fractions

She divides and conquers 

feeds my monsters 

and gives me this offer 

That if I stay secluded

She’ll tie all my loose ends

If I stay in bed the pain will loosen

but she still makes me think foolish.

If I don’t stay in bed 

then she wants me to walk on an edge

She says the only way she’ll get outta my head

is if I’m dead…

and I so badly want that bitch outta my head! 


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