Imbalances In My Brain

Yea I’m mentally ill, I can finally say I feel like the stigma of one gone insane

and each day

I live in this pain

I see little opportunity to escape

The malfunctions of my brain 

Obsession and distraction the only way

I can catch a break 

but once it’s over

I’m back to being broken

I can feel the tension from my brain on my shoulders 

and I told myself I’d finally be open

to honor a legacy

but this sadness inside of me

makes me wonder if that was meant to be 

I can’t take on my friends how can I society? 

It’s a back and forth 

Up and down 

I feel forced 

to the ground. 

So high then so below 


distressing my soul

 I’m so cold

Im constantly at this conjunction

and I don’t make the best of judgements 

as to which way to go. 
There’s this imbalance in my brain 

I’m mentally ill, yea, I can finally say 

I’m so drained 

each day 

Medicated to be sane 

but nothing makes the extremities go away. 
Stuck in these episodes

Told to stop

Just let it go 

but all the talk 

Feels so much worse 

This illness so intense and acute 

every emotion hurts

All I can say is God is laughing and being cruel. 

Told to look at the good

think of the positives 

and I wish I could 

but you’re searching for an optimist 

That’s just not me

I’m mentally ill, yea I can finally say

but maybe I shouldn’t have revealed 

my imbalances and malfunctions everyday. 


2 thoughts on “Imbalances In My Brain

  1. I’m sorry for the pain you’re in, the pressure you feel, the place you’re at. You have such a gift with words. You very beautifully expressed an otherwise painful state of being. Sending lots of love your way ❤ ❤ ❤

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