Trump Rant

Break from poetry

You know what I don’t get is his supporters are saying she’s Hollywood and outta touch with “real” Americans… Trump has NEVER held a politic leadership position or done shit for poor people – even those who worked to build his loving realty. He’s always exploited the people who voted for him.

On top of ALL THAT Trump is fucking Hollywood himself! Oh, and he’s never truly worked for his millions. He wants you to feel bad that his daddy “only” gave him a million dollars to start his business. My dad owned his own businesses that he started himself with practically NO MONEY just brains. Trump says he’s a smart guy – and his fucking idiot supporters believe him – yea he called himself smart to pay NO TAXES for 15 years making all of us to pay our share to pretty much make up for fucking heartless rich people not paying their share.

But yea morons keep thinking he knows your struggles and is going to protect you. That he relates to you because he only got a million dollars to start his business. But he honest – you relate to him because he’s a hate monger and you love that. That’s the only reason you relate to him. When you lose you insurance or when you fall flat poor broke because your ass got laid off and you get NO HELP from anyone because they’re struggling too or from the gov’t. Then your asses will wake up but guess what – it’s too late to correct your mistake because even if he gets impeached you’re still fucking stuck with Pence who might be a worse option.

And fuck Meghan McCain – she wants to talk about Meryl Streep lives in a bubble along with east coast and Hollywood elitist – this bitch has been groomed in a bubble and can’t relate to your struggles either. She’s supposed to be a more progressive Republican but at the end of the day she still doesn’t know what it’s like to struggle.

And for you veterans out there supporting Trump and the douchebag moron that gave him his Purple Heart – he’s not going to help you. He’s gonna cut your benefits and not give a fuck about when you come back. We’re already struggling to help you come back home and get the help you need. To keep our promise to provide for you because of your work and sacrifices for us – say goodbye to that. He has NO RESPECT for you. He never served in the army because of his bullshit deferments and poor fucked up foot. He fought with a family that loss their son in war, a Muslim soldier that he’d put on a registry, because he sacrificed himself to keep his comrades safe. He mocked John McCain for being a POW – he likes soldiers that don’t get captured so did those of you who were POWs – he doesn’t give a shit about your pain and sacrifice – he won’t give you the help you need to come back to American civilian life. You’re on your fucking own and you know what? He doesn’t give a damn about you because you were a POW. To him you’re a loser and his fucking brainwashed morons will say the same damn thing about you. He fucking insinuated that those of you that come back struggling to come back or with PTSD are the weak ones who can’t handle war – yet again he never served and got out of it for bullshit reasons. Yet those of you that come back after serving who witnessed death of friends and civilians are weak. This is ALL on record. It’s not fucking liberals pulling this shit out of our asses.

To the moron on that gave him his Purple Heart – he said he always wanted one but never put himself in a position to get one. You just prove his privilege all his life increased by your stupid ass. Let me reiterate to you HE DOES NOT RESPECT YOUR SACRIFICE TO GET THAT PURPLE HEART.

This is a “man” outta touch with America. A “man” that will not hesitate to send more Americans to foreign lands because he declared war on, pick your nation, via a Twitter outburst.

You want to force the Christian God back to America – good because you need to pray the next 4 years for this country.


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