Blood Will Do You Dirty Pt II

Blood will do you dirty with nasty looks
Knowing your weakness
try to leave you shook
and defeated
Use words as weapons
knowing in the past you’ve been suicidal
So it’s a reflection
No wonder I couldn’t think one thing about you to make you an idol.

Ask any kid or kin
killed by a relative verses a stranger or friend
Blood isn’t exempt
but what do you expect
when socially we’re told to respect
those we share blood with
Lets ask the slaves with fathers as their masters
Yea blood wasn’t enough then
because they’d get whipped if not faster asking for paternal answers

Ask the child abused daily
or the fathers raping their babies
How thick is blood?
Is it enough
to stop their actions
How thick is blood
to the victims to which this happens?

I’d rather drink a cup of water
than a drop of blood.


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