White Out (Extended Version)

White Out

Grab the Constitution and your guns
Kill a Spic, no need to run
White out the Constitution
all hail Christians
White out the Revolution
for religion
Slaughter an injun for their home
Collect the bounty and go home
buy a nigger of your own
Now you’re good to go
Ban the Orientals
White out the essential …

All hail and grab your guns
for all it to stay the same
because in God you better fucking trust –
and make sure it don’t change.
Freedom of religion
but only applicable for Christians
God isn’t Red, God isn’t Korean
Sweet Jesus!
He’s blond so we believe him
– set fire to mosques and temples –
Yea, white out is essential.

Time for the old ways
to make a comeback
Back when it was okay
to own slaves
Without punishment of lynching Nat
Honor Hennepin and Nicollet
Lynch an immigrant
A Kike, chink or a Bridget
it makes no difference
not even a little bit
From the Atlantic to Pacific
Hold the foreigners on an island
Bubonic plague start the riots
Grab your ropes and guns
to make them quiet
– now you’re feeling sentimental
It’s why White out is essential –

To the Second Amendment you pledge allegiance
Better be under fucking God
and you mean this
or will round up a fucking mob.
Grab your hoodie, gun, and rope
Don’t forget the cross and matches
Time to murder y’all some Brown folk
Before the White Genocide happens
From California to New York
Texas to Montana
Bring in more military support
Then follow the propaganda
– the Constitution fundamental
Yes, White Out is essential –


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