Miss Korea

Miss Korea

Passing by Wedding Town
Getting lost with no rush to find or be found.
Looking at all the asiatic faces around
I’m home so it sounds
I mean I get so alone
but that’s an identity problem that’ll never go.
I breathe in the dry cold
Exhale the hot summer
I miss Korea and all its comfort
Finding kind faces as I suffered
grieving for my brother and the loss of my grandmother.
An elderly hand taking my hand and calling me her granddaughter
we understand – it’s spirit may be thinner than blood but as strong as water.

Buildings crowded together
People shouldering each other
It burns in my bones that I’ve been here forever.
The land of my grandmother… My grandmothers.
Subway hopping to the demonstrations
In front of the embassy of pain
Look how far we’ve made it
Singing and demanding what so long they made us feel ashamed.
Scream my Halmoni’s name
She was a survivor – you will learn her name!

Trips to Dongdaemoon
Plenty of Snoopy clothes
that my capitalistic mind can consume
Bargain and argue
The rush and fun
the rush and fun

Korea – my heart my soul
Forever in my mind my bones.


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