Speaking With Kimch’i

I open that jar of kimch’i
Slowly the memories in me
Kimch’i is in my blood.
I stepped onto my Grandmother’s land
then with Nou entered a van.
Once we were out I picked up and kissed the dirt
Knowing all my life I’d do this first.

I taste that jar of kimch’i
and suddenly see
Bus 271 connecting to World Cup Stadium
The blue, green, and orange subway lines I could forever stay in them.
I relive the hills of Yonsei and language class
Skipping it to demand justice for the current and the past.

I swallow that kimch’i
and feel my Halmoni in me.
Everyday lunch with advocates
Learning the beauty of an activist.
Dinner with my adopted Halmonis
Did the spirit of my Halmoni
bring me to them to find harmony?
It’s rather hard for me
to know that the blood within
Never had a chance to pump her fist.

I take another bite of kimch’i
Shopping at Dongdaemun
with Angela and Nou
Buying clothes and feeling brand new
I don’t want to leave
this land is a part of my heart and more than I ever dreamed.
Halmoni, I don’t want to leave.
So I take another bite of kimch’i
Korea flows forever in my.


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