Chink- Chinky
I guess that’s what they think when they think me
Nuclear proliferation
Becomes my responsibility
Failing nukes
Their laughs start killing me

I’m a gook. I’m a gook.
“be happy” I’m a gook
if they call me a gook.
That’s… that’s exactly what they call me
2013 and it’s okay to be told right in my face that they don’t like my race
and find pride putting a gook in their place.

What a shame to be seen as a chink
I can recall it always stung the more I’d drink
and it boiled in my veins the more I’d think
So what a shame I’ll only be a chink

I’m no longer a person
I’m a word gooberlygook
Hurt people keep on hurtin’.
This chink builds nukes.
This gook built your recalled car.
Isn’t it funny to be a gook thus far?

I guess that’s all they want to think.


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