Seoul of Korea: DMZ

The Seoul of Korea burst through mine
when I close my eyes
I see the Spirit of Chosun resting inside.

I see the people divided by politics
Our families having to follow it
decided by an imaginary line
I wish I didn’t have to follow it
It’s colonized minds we decide when we follow that line
When my kin on the other end are force fed lies
Even they’ve succumbed to being colonized minds.

No oil but plenty of gulags
Nobody trusts us unless we’re popping new songs
From the Yalu to Gangnam
Independence for our Seouls seems to have gone wrong
Our ancestors fought the Japanese for freedom
but since 1945 we’ve only had freedumb
From the Kim Dynasty to Jejudo navy bases
I don’t see anyone urgently pushing for unification
Pollution from US stations
Conscript on both sides
to stand on the DMZ line

I shake my head for my Seoul in Korea
My heart bleeds for our Chosun people


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