You don’t belong
Where you think you do
Chances are you’re wrong
So take another swig
nod you’re head to this song
It’s damn true it’s you
You don’t belong
You’ve been so far gone
Away for too long
While relishing on the past
others have moved on

You don’t belong
Every depressing song can’t always be you
Every depressing thought can’t always be true
Logic can’t always be so skewed
that the people around can’t constantly miss you
Time to face up and confront your issues

You don’t belong
Taking swig after shot
shot after swig
Bragging about easily downing a fifth
Look at what you got
Distrust brought on by sneaking away bottle after bottle
Calming your nerves but you’re one step off these rocks from hitting rock bottom

Nah, you don’t belong
It’s been too long
and when you’re crawling on the floor
begging for more
it’s no longer a crutch but your very core
So I catch you lying on the floor
with your hands up
and you say you’ll give up
but the only thing you give up
is trying to get up

You don’t belong
You don’t belong to life
your life is to your disease
You’re frustrated day and night
justifying the means
but all that means to me
is you’re just another fiend
Taking shots alone
Trying to hide from a ghost
and those who need you most
You’re so far gone they had to leave you alone
Who’s going to stand by the shit on the fan
when even you can’t
Looking for outward hands
while your hands are inward
Views so skewed you wouldn’t understand if it hit you there’s more
There’s much more
but you don’t belong
You don’t belong
Put the bottle down because you don’t belong in an empty tomb
You can’t belong to that disease
and that disease don’t belong to you


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