Dear Gabriel

Dear Gabriel

I wanted to watch you grow
I wanted you to know
how you saved my soul
just by being so.

My world crashed again
when the lies began
Your grandmother did win
the courts didn’t understand
that a woman could lie so much
I tried so hard to keep in touch
but when she had enough
of your father’s side keeping up
I lost you.
My soul had no clue what to do
Ever since then its been bruised
It won’t heal
and I seriously had wishes she’d be killed
Condemned to hell or somehow feel
the same hurt I feel
It’s just so selfish
When you were taken away life felt so hellish
I try to stay as poetic as I can
but I can’t help it
I just pray someday you understand
that sometimes the only words are “this sucks” and “is so fucked up”
I ruminate and feel it’s far too late.
Somedays I just lose my faith
I made no mistakes
Other then not affording someone to challenge the courts mistake


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