Dear Trump

Dear Trump

Every word you’ve said is deceitful
especially about those you call “illegal”
Frankly I’ll never figure out how people can be illegal
but then again I can’t understand a person so deceitful

Dear Trump
Part of me wishes you’d shut the fuck up
but the other says keep going
Don’t give up
For you show us where you’re not going
and it’s to the White House
You don’t belong to the US
Nov 2016 you will be shut down
The intelligent won’t rest.

Dear Trump
You’re merely entertainment
Nut wing extremist
The male Sarah Palin uttering the same shit
How stupid can you treat us?
Bankrupt and TV love
is your tendency
So Dear Trump
what do you actually see for our destiny?
So Dear Trump
Besides your rhetoric
where is your reality
Besides TV shows
that you fed us
All you’re telling me
is the paid crowds witnessing your freak show really don’t fucking know
How dangerous your mouth is
Every other word is an insult
To every non whites or female houses
That’s only your fault.

Dear Trump
Dear Trump
Dear Trump


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