In the Bible begets and begets
I woke up knowing violence begets and begets
All the fucking around I can’t forget
this shit all started when
I was listening to Buchannann back then
O’Reily told me it’s Obama’s fault
So I found the nearest Right to revolt
This man with the neo-Klan
Said it like this –
I was too impure blood to even suck his white dick
It finally hit
as I took the knife out my pocket
Stabbed the muthafucker as he screamed for me to stop it.

Police the police
I’ll ask nicely
Mr. President on my release
I can’t integrate into society
That targets me to the point of chronic anxiety.
You sent me to prison to reform what was inside of me
but I don’t know which place I am safe
So I sit away quietly
Watching men and women in blue
put a man in a chokehold until he can’t breathe let alone move.
Then I see a few gun down those in blue
It’s like watching the Crips and Bloods fighting over turf
but this is worst it occurs.
I won’t say shit because I know the curse it incurs
So let the violence from silence beget more destructive violence.


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