Prophetic Songs: For Gabriel Isaiah

Prophetic Songs
There’s a hole in my life
because you were my whole life.
You were in the backseat your car seat
as we’d sing
everything from Linkin Park
to Nickleback’s “Rockstar,”
Their song “Too Bad” must’ve been a prophecy
maybe even our Daughtry’s “Weaker Side of Me.”
I miss my rockstar
My nephew best friend
Rewriting the lyrics of Linkin Park
It’s not fair and I never will get it
Wonder “What About Now”
You can never know
How much, Gabriel Isaiah, I wanted to watch you grow.
It’s “Too Bad”
Too late
how life “Crashed”
into us Gabe
So “I Lie Awake” with these memories
that bring out the “Weaker Side of Me.”
What irony in prophecy
But maybe you’ll remember when you were a boy
How we’d sing these songs and just enjoy
Never seeing the prophecy
Just songs to sing along
They were meant to be just songs we’d sing along.


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