Rapid Thoughts

Rapid Thoughts
Free Style Gabe “Speedy G”  Gonzales Style

This deserves some explanation – on the milestones of my brother’s death I just write off the top of my head even if it doesn’t make sense because that’s what we used to do together. A couple of shout outs here to two of my other poems that people really liked. One was slammed back in college (Just Fuckin’ Scream It) and the other (Moral High Ground) people just seemed to have really liked.

Sabotage the facade
send it all straight into a state of chaos for the cause
Reinvigorate dialogue
from the Jimjilbang to the Sweat Lodge
Home bound to the Powwow
Standing and dancing the Moral High Ground
Came to get up to get down
Ginseng tea all around
Signing S-T-F-U now
If for no other reason
to the Blackfeet to Koreans
Maybe if I wish an Irish
was to cross criss or criss across this
with Germs of a German
there’d be a different person
but of this is certain
that the nutmeg
in the nut bag hasn’t clashed enough yet
to stop penning writings on the wall with Kool-Aid
as the masquerade
Walking all over the place
Walking all over the mind state
Tye dying all loose ends together
A-cappella music freestyle Speedy G FOREVER


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