If I Could Talk To God

If I could talk to God

If I could talk to God
Would He answer?
Would She walk me off?
Then put my call on block?

Can I send a text message?
I’m sitting waiting for someone to call me back
I really have a question
I can make it fast
I’m just lost
Actually feel like a lost cause
to be exact.
I don’t wanna be
This just wasn’t… it just wasn’t for me

– Can I make a crisis call? –
I know I’ll be on hold
Listening to 80’s songs
but considering it all
I mean, everything that’s gone wrong…
Can He or She just delegate
so maybe I can talk to Gabe
Instead of sending me a band-aid
to survive a tidal wave

My wires are wrong
I can’t get through
All I got are my songs
writing me through
I keep holding my phone up
trying to get a signal
but the wires are fucked
and the bars don’t even show a symbol

Just hit me up
I got a ringtone set just for You
Text, phone call, email
Facebook or Twitter
Do whatever is easiest for You
I’m just trying not to be a quitter…
So I’m going to keep calling back
Put you on speed dial
I guess I should’ve already done that
but I haven’t tried to talk to You for awhile

Been so pissed off that I’ll slam the phone down
Throw it across Your damn street
But I’m calling back now
No more drunk dials or tweets
No more passive aggressive
voicemail message
It’s just me
and I wanna talk.


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