For My Nephew When He Was Only 2

You don’t remember when Auntie was depressed – 
you were still too young yet
like when Auntie put you in a red dress – 
but I took pictures so that you’ll never forget.
Don’t ever forget how much happiness you brought to Auntie’s life
I know right now you’re wondering who you can get close to.
It’s been tough times since Auntie took that long airplane ride
but not a day goes by that I don’t think of you.
It’s funny the little boy who made me smile
when I wanted to cry
is the reason I cry
when I want to smile.
I can only guess how you feel inside
with all the drastic changes in such a short while
but Auntie’s with you in your thoughts and prayers
I burn the sage and sweet grass all the way over here
but the Spirits walk it over there
and before we blink they whisper, “Saranghayo” in your little ear.
Keep your head up Gabe
because I promise things will be okay.
If we hold onto hope & faith
I know we await better days


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