Watery Rocks

Repainting the rocks
strong enough to hold the entire earth
We can only watch and observe
Study the lots and dirt.
Strong enough to reshape the entire earth

It’s at your very command
That there’s even land
at any moment demand
the very sands
to move over as you engulf what’s yours
I apologize for all the hurt
That over time occurred
It was uncalled for or deserved
Yet you replenish us for life
Because of you we stay alive
Stronger than blood and land we survive

To the rocks I applaud
I look at you in awe
Stern and stubborn
You leave me in shock
In your faith in God
Here you wait unbreakable and unmoved
No matter how they slam you
There’s no true riddance of you
Be it a pebble thrown in the lake
Your spirit cannot be taken away
and so I envy your strength and faith.

Strong like water
Stubborn like rocks




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