Lose It

Was written about my former director after she suspended me and fired my coworker because we stood up against her.


Right now shit seems impractical & miserable. 
I snapped but at least I didn’t throw a punch or go hysterical. 
Smile remembering my gifts of being lyrical, hysterical, making others laugh when it feels so terrible. 

Fighting an incompetent tyrant
Maybe I do it because my heart beat is defiance. 
I can’t bring myself to ignore or excuse a tyrant. 
Every ounce of my blood says to fight it. 
I gotta ask myself the pros & cons of being quiet. 

It’s a tough imbalance 
and I’m made to feel like an idiot
but I can’t now walk away from a challenge; it’ll all just bring me back to where we begin. 

Told to be illusive – I tried but revolution is my music. 
I spoke up – I couldn’t remain seated. 
I’m pissed the fuck off from the lies 
but I refuse to be defeated. 
Maybe my dissent is my weakness. 
It’s been nothing but rocky
and I know they sit around & mock me
but if they were in my shoes they wish they could only copy
Defiant and oppositional 
I swear to Whatever I did everything to not get physical 
I manage and I tried to not let it hit my soul
They can’t take away the spiritual 
sovereign person I am. 

Try not to lose it
Don’t lose it
Every tyrant is abusive 
I’m not new to this
That’s the worst part of it all
I’m back with my back against the wall
You can take my job but you’ll never make me fall
You can’t take my integrity 
and it all comes back over fours in energy 
I can guarantee no matter what you will remember me. 
I’ll live in your memory 
exactly as I wish – 
Not your enemy 
but I rebel that left you unsettled
Why? Because I don’t lose it. 
I won’t lose it. 
Continue your excuses & abuses
for you I won’t lose it


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