Written while in an advance poetry class… most really liked my writing style… but I remember one woman absolutely hating it… a friend I made in there said it was absolute jealousy… I agreed. First 2 lines are kinda mocking my style


And it’s all good;
That’s the way you’re living when you’re living misunderstood.

Look at the way I write
it’s hard to define.
is it a poem? A rap? A swipe?
I’m deep… I never take it as a compliment just a way to build my confidence it’s just a technique
“really unique” but it’s self critique of my life it’s just the way I narrate my life.

My mind thinks in rhymes
My brain operates in the oddest way
Some days that’s fine
Those are the good days
but the next my body aches
and the pity party is hard to shake
Everything breaks, I can’t catch a break

The next day look back
Did I write a poem or a rap?
I can’t read that. The way I react
How did I breakdown?
I wanna erase everything but suddenly my mind goes without a sound
If I erase my self pity I repress my emotions
In it all I just wanna write where I’m goin’? where’s my focus? I’m kinda drifting if I haven’t noticed

It’s all in the lines
It’s all in the rhymes
It’s all in my mind
Rap, poem, swipe
I’m just critiquing my life.


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