Coming From

My mentor had me write this as an exercise to get my creative juices flowing again.

I come from a family so diverse there’s no culture
Fast foods, Perkins
Hillbillies, Mobsters
Gangsters, thugs, monsters
Victims of the old Divide and Conquer
No education
Big Macs and Whoppers
Birthdays & big milestones celebrate at Red Lobster
An occasional traditional food but altered.
Scared by terrorist alerts and nuclear bombers.
Believe everything you hear & see
Clinching tight onto the American dream
Raise by the cold streets
And the Far East
Surviving on Ramon Noodles for weeks
Barely making ends meet
Hypochondriacs & an unseen disease
Nights at the bakery, days at Farmer’s markets
Become what you’re made to be by working your hardest.
Contain the bravery so you’re not an open target.
Hustle day and night to flee the ghetto life
Work hard to afford rice
And anything advertised
And having your roots & culture sacrificed.

©2005 Krystal Mattison


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