Blood Will Do You Dirty

Blood’s thicker than water & family honored even at the expense of daughters molested by their fathers while their mothers look away. Fearing that it’ll happen tomorrow like it did today & yesterday.

And it’s more painful when the people who are suppose to keep you safe selfishly take & take for their disgusting taste.

Blood will do you dirty; like the young niece chased out her uncle’s house then apologized to in order to keep peace but threatens her to shut her mouth.

Don’t ever let a soul know

Her mom’s brother Called her a bitch, cunt, & hoe

as he chased her outside while tears of hurt & surprise poured from her eyes; frozen like the icy snow from the skies.

Blood will do you dirty While water supplies life

Makes up the body & Earth Conducts light

and quenches thirst.

But water can be contaminated

Just as much as blood.

Filled with vile hatred and contagious poisons built in the human system as we’re brought up.

Often times convince it’s water that targets the victims while ignoring blood shaped from the bone marrow can turn into sickles slicing through veins. Or blood cells attacking each other inflicting sickness & pain.

Husbands giving wives anti-freeze Gatorade. Mothers seeking attention through their child’s imaginary disease. Poison perfectly portioned & homemade the only affection the child receives.

Drowning in water because it’s stronger & heavier than anything on Earth

Without it for too long we die miserably from thirst.

I was dehydrated without Gabe, convinced everything came to an end

until Jenn stepped in & put me on my feet again

but then again my mother has pulled me from drowning in blood & water – the thick or thin.

Blood will do you dirty just as much as water.

Blood attacking itself – the pain so much stronger.

Lively water drips through an IV drip to keep the minimum of body sustained.

*Debunk the notion the blood is more relevant between people*


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