You Are Appreciated (Dear Mama)

My Appreciation
Wrote 7 years ago

You’ve gotten me through my struggles
And I haven’t always shown my gratitude.
I’ve been nothing but trouble
but I’d never be able to make it without you
Sometimes I think you’re the only one who understands my pain
but I’ll never acknowledge it out loud.
I know I come across as vain
But I’m humble deep down.
I’m humble because the only reason I’m alive today
Is because of you
When I tossed all hope away
You grabbed me by the hand and walked me through.
It feels like everyone’s abandoned me –
But not my mom.
My mom, the reason I’m strong, the strength behind my family
You hold my world in your palm.
I’ve seen you overwhelmed
but you handle stress well.
I’ve said so many hurtful things in the past
and it eats me up inside
I’ll roll it off with a laugh
but it’s the only way I can excuse it in my mind –
My heart though holds the truth
And the truth is you’re my backbone –
I don’t have much couth
But you know I have a sincere soul.
I want to save the world
and I know where I get that from –
From my greatest gem and pearl
my heart – my mom.


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