R U Still Down

I don’t even know what this one was about or how old I was when I wrote it…

They say I haven’t been around
But I was there when shit hit the fan
Then came crashing down
When y’all said duct
I never hit the ground
I stood with a grenade in my hand
Fist in the air, stubborn and stoic
With my heart reciting
A dead poet
I may not change the world
But I’ll spark the mind that does
As Pac so quoted.
I didn’t make it to Vernon’s wake
But I was there with him
That night I prayed and burnt sage
And released the serenity of sweet grass
Tucked cedar in my shoe the next day
As I ran to work and class
So they say I’ve been away
Yeah, I’ve been away

 I haven’t been around much
I’ve been in my own battle zone
And my brothers and sisters I’m about to give up
If these racists that face us continues to grow
Right under our nose
Turn the other cheek?
I’d rather leave in peace
But not if it appears I’ve accepted defeat
Tired as hell
While y’all just clown around
I’m living in hell
Where y’all at now?
R U Still down?
Yeah, still hit the ground
While I threw the grenades
Y’all were there only to claim
That you were brave renegades
But had there been a moment raised
That y’all could’ve ran the other way
I’d still be there throwing grenades
By myself
I’m tired as hell
But yo’ I’ll still handle it myself

 Y’all say I’ve been gone
But I’ve been holding the front
While y’all were wrong
Wondering where I was
I was here getting shot and cut
Transfusing my own blood
Whereas y’all kicked a sista’s name around
Desecrating it across town
Where the sista at?
The one with the big trap
That never turned her back
Even when it was stabbed
She pulled the knife out herself
Yea’, by myself
While y’all front about holding down the front
I’ve been in hell
Here, by myself
So where y’all now?
R U Still Down?


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